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Our team promises you professionalism, marketing effectiveness, and personal support to boost your name/brand/ideas. You won’t be disappointed with us!

Our services

Starting, building and growing a business might be a stressful experience with all the things you need to do! We are here to take the stress off of your journey and let you focus on being inspired and happy! You can count on us every step of the way.

Video & Graphics Services 

Whether you have an idea or you're not sure where to start from, we got your back. Your brand needs to stand out in an innovative and creative way. From a logo to a business card to a brochure or an infographic, our work doesn't stop here. Oh and don't forget the videos!

Website Design

As customers spend less and less time on a website, it becomes crucial to have the perfect design and flow that will not just attract customers to come back but will also motivates them to interact and engage. A website is your public ID and the first thing a customer sees.

Content Development

Imagine a website/Blog/Page  that has the same content at all times! It will surely drive off customers and potential audience. Stay on top of the game with unique, professional and creative content that keeps your audience and attracts more traffic.

Digital Marketing

As customers are becoming more and more busy, your presence on all marketing platforms becomes a must. Social media, Google and everywhere a customer surf is the pool for you, your brand or business must have a strong and catchy presence.

Our Projects

Below are few examples of projects we recently worked on. Whether a fully responsive and modern website for a local non-profit (Educare4all), a commercial video for acommunity advocate Khodr Farhat, a branded logo for City Beautiful Commission or an animation video for Mike Hacham who was running for a city council seat in Dearborn. 

Website Design & Branding

We built a website for a local non-profit that is fully responsive.

Video Production

We produced a video to celebrate the ninth year anniversary of an advocate.

Logo Design

After a deep research, we created a logo for a city beautiful commission.

Animation Video

We created an animation video for a  candidate running for city council.


Their team took the time to sit down with me to talk about my advocacy and the work I've done thus far. They were very accommodating, understating and professional. I will be using them for all of my videos.

Khodr Farhat

Dearborn, MI

Thank you for your time and for being so helpful with the City Beautiful logo contest. Saying "Thanks" and thinking, too, how very nice it was to work with you.

Kimberly Ismail

Dearborn, MI

Running a political campaign is very stressful however having a team like What's Up on your side makes things easier and smoother.  They were able to understand my goals quickly and produce a sophisticated animation video.

Mike Hacham

Dearborn, MI

Working with teams like yours make our job easier. We can't thank you enough for designing a website that represents our organizations thoroughly and is very simple yet creative for our supporters to use

Rob Gilmore

Grosse Pointe, MI

Our story

What's Up Media Network was founded on the belief that every company, individual and brand deserves to tell its story to the world - and we want to be the ones to tell it. We want to tell your story through thrilled research, latest technology, personal touch and highly customized strategic marketing that speaks to your customers straight from the heart of your company.

Authenticity and uniqueness is the lifeblood that runs through our projects, and our approach is the opposite of copy-paste-repeat process. Our team will ensure to get to know you, your company and brand very closely to provide a unique ideas and products.

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